Lead aprons should be tested for shielding integrity


According to new laws, testing lead aprons is now a requirement from the State X-Ray
Boards and The Joint Commission. All lead aprons should be tested for shielding integrity every 
12-18 months, while also being given an individual identification number, allowing data to be
logged for that specific apron. To provide compliance to these laws National Band & Tag Co. is 
now providing a solution to the need for identification with Lead Apron ID Tags. These Lead 
Apron ID Tags come with options such as sequential numbering, bar codes, lettering and logos, 
making labeling and scanning quick and efficient. Colored washers and spirals are also available 
to fit around the tag, so once the tag is in place it never has to be removed. With the variety of 
colors available, you can have a different color for each year, making visually spotting an 
unchecked apron simple. Costly data software is not necessary with the tags, a simple Microsoft 
Excel sheet will be able to keep track of all of your information and allow you to go paperless. 
Pre-loaded Excel sheets are also provided to help get you started on the identification process. 

For more information on Lead Apron ID Tags you can visit: 

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September 03, 2014
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