Claron Announces Partnership with Leading Edge Canadian Telehealth Provider


Claron Nil Zero-Footprint Viewers to Support Image Viewing for Remote Medical Exams

June 2, 2014, Toronto—Claron Technology announces a partnership with Livecare, an innovative Canadian telehealth provider, for the use of the Claron Nil diagnostic viewer as part of remote medical consults in rural areas of British Columbia, Canada.

The unique Livecare program brings high quality medical expertise to underserved areas to assist in solving the shortfall of medical care in rural communities.

For Livecare, Claron’s NilRead zero-footprint diagnostic viewer provides offsite radiologists with immediate access to any digital imaging exams involved in the consult for viewing and interpretation in real time.  NilRead is HealthCanada-cleared for diagnostic use and supports display of DICOM imaging modalities and related medical information on a multi-monitor diagnostic workstation.  As needed, diagnostic reading can also be done on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Running from the Livecare datacenter, the innovative viewer enables remote physicians to access high-resolution, diagnostic quality display of both DICOM and non-DICOM formats. Data reaches Livecare servers from participating patient facilities through Claron’s NilFeed image communication technology, which is easy to install and manage at the multiple program sites.

Patients located hundreds of miles away from major urban centers will have access to diagnostic reading by leading radiologists, including a full range of sub-specialists, through the Livecare and Nil systems.  NilRead enables sophisticated image manipulation and viewing with a full range of toolsets.  It supports the highest levels of security and leaves no information on the viewing hardware when the session is complete.

“We selected Nil because the technology is robust, easy-to-use, reliable and affordable,” comments Mark Godley, FRCPC, MBChB, CEO of Livecare.  “NilRead is cleared by HealthCanada for diagnostic use and is very efficient in a primary reading setting.  Both Claron and Livecare share a commitment to leveraging the benefits of advancing technologies to support remote care.  Claron’s NilRead provides an excellent complement to our portfolio of enabling technologies.”

“Livecare is the type of innovative distributed solution that we envisioned our Nil viewer would empower,” says Claudio Gatti, co-CEO and co-founder of Claron Technology. “We are very pleased to partner with Livecare for a uniquely Canadian solution.”

 Livecare is distinguished by its comprehensive exams and ability to use a full range of equipment for remote consultations.

“We applaud Livecare’s mission to make the most of today’s medical technology to meet the healthcare needs of underserved populations and are proud to have our products included in that effort,” says Reuven Soraya, Vice president of Sales and Marketing for Claron technology.  “Claron believes this Nil implementation showcases the benefits of our technology at its best and underscores its value in the remote diagnostic mix, enabling doctors and patients who are miles apart to interact as if they were in the same room.”

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June 02, 2014
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