RSNA 2020: Hitachi Healthcare presents one seamless solution for multi-modality viewing, reporting, and analytics

With the VidiStar Platform, Hitachi Healthcare Americas provides a customizable infrastructure for multi-modality viewing, reporting, and analytics. VidiStar PACS is accessible through a web browser, allowing review and study management from anywhere. Patient studies can be stored, searched, and managed, regardless of the modality type and manufacturer. Plus, referring physicians can access images and reports with a zero-footprint portal.

“With VidiStar, radiologists can still do their work and generate reports. Clinicians are able to get access to data from wherever they are, which has been really useful in this time of COVID. There’s also a revenue cycle management component, where the billing codes can be transferred to the EMR to help make sure those reports are complete to fully capture revenue,” said Dave Wilson, Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Informatics Marketing at Hitachi.

The platform features more than 900 auto-populating measurements and 250 auto calculations, which are automatically loaded into reports to improve workflow and reduce transcription and reading errors. Data mining and analytics analyze patient data to trigger messages that inform physicians when patients are susceptible to conditions such as sepsis.

Hitachi is also showcasing a wide range of imaging systems. The Oasis™ 1.2T MRI system is truly open architecture featuring advanced magnet design, Zenith RF Technology and robust clinical capabilities. With an unobstructed viewing angle and the industry’s most accommodating patient table, even the most challenging patients can be handled with confidence.

The Echelon Oval™ is the industry’s widest bore complemented by the widest patient table to accommodate the broadest variety of patient body types. The Oval combines the exclusive ultra-wide oval bore with a suite of Workflow Integrated Technology (WIT) features and leading-edge clinical capabilities.

In CT, the SCENARIA View supports a wide range of applications using 64 slice acquisition and up to 128 slice reconstruction. The Supria® True64 CT, Hitachi’s premier compact computed tomography solution, takes advantage of true 64 slice acquisition and up to 128 slice reconstruction, with access the latest dose awareness, reduction and management features.

The company is also showcasing the Arietta 850SE ultrasound, which supports the world’s first fully functional CMUT probe for wider active bandwidth.

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RSNA 2020: Hitachi Healthcare presents one seamless solution for multi-modality viewing, reporting, and analytics .  Appl Radiol. 

By McKenna Bryant| December 01, 2020
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