Intelerad’s InteleConnect EV for Mobile Diagnostic Image Review Receives FDA Approval

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Intelerad Medical Systems, global provider of medical imaging software and enterprise workflow solutions, has announced that the FDA has cleared its InteleConnect EV solution for diagnostic image review on a range of mobile devices. Approval of Intelerad’s 510(k) submission comes at a critical time for healthcare systems and ensures that radiologists are able to collaborate and leverage resources in more creative ways, even when workstation access is not available.

Now, in addition to use on mobile devices for clinical purposes, InteleConnect EV is approved for mobile diagnostic image review as well. It can immediately be used on various iPad and iPhone models, with additional devices to follow. The FDA clearance comes as part of a recertification of the diagnostic functionality for Intelerad’s flagship product, IntelePACS.

The ability to review images and collaborate with clinical staff through diagnostic radiology is key to ensuring the best possible patient outcomes, in any context. With mobile access to diagnostic quality images via InteleConnect EV, radiologists have the freedom to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

“For more than 20 years, Intelerad has provided innovative solutions that enable radiologists to deliver highly accurate diagnoses, at optimum productivity,” said Rick Rubin, Intelerad Founder & Chief Engineering Officer. “While a mobile device is not a replacement for a diagnostic workstation, this clearance offers powerful new flexibility for accessing diagnostic quality images with InteleConnect EV, even when radiologists are outside their standard work environments.”

In addition to InteleConnect EV for universal secure viewing, Intelerad TeleDiagnostics can be rapidly and securely deployed into existing infrastructures to support customers’ remote diagnostic and clinical collaboration workflow needs.

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Intelerad’s InteleConnect EV for Mobile Diagnostic Image Review Receives FDA Approval.  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| April 17, 2020

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