By Robert I. Grossman, MD
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The ISMRM Editorial Review Board has selected Aaron D.Sodickson, MD, PhD as the sixth recipient of the ISMRM/Amersham HealthFellowship in MRI

Dr. Sodickson is a resident at the Brigham and Women'sHospital of the Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. Applied Radiology is publishing his article entitled:"Breaking the MRI Acquisition Speed Barrier: Clinical Implications of ParallelImaging," as well as eight excellent manuscripts submitted by the otherresident applicants.

This fellowship was funded by a grant from Amersham Healthand is administered by Applied Radiology. It is designed to provide aneducational opportunity to radiology residents in the United States. Residentswere nominated by the Directors of their programs and funded to attend the 2003ISMRM meeting in Toronto. These residents were assigned by the ISMRM Editorial Review Board to write a review article focused upon a specific MRI application. These current reviews include material from the ISMRM Annual Meeting and published literature.

Dr. Sodickson is to be congratulated on his scholarship. Heand the other residents provided excellent contributions to this supplement.The ISMRM is delighted to be a cosponsor of this program with Amersham Healthand Applied Radiology.

Robert I. Grossman, MD
Chair, ISMRM Editorial Review Board

Louis Marx Professor and Chairman
Department of Radiology
NYU School of Medicine
New York, NY

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February 02, 2004

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