Toshiba Medical offers enhancements to Aquillion™ ONE/GENESIS edition CT

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Toshiba America Medical Systems, a Canon Group company, now offers Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction (MBIR) to its Aquillion™ ONE/GENESIS edition computed tomography system (CT). This function improves low-contrast detectability and high-contrast spatial resolution with Toshiba Medical's FIRST MBIR, as well as workflow and efficiency tools.

New clinical, operational and safety enhancements include:

  • Quick Whole Body Scanning: The three-phase Variable Helical Pitch (vHP3)* helps clinicians assess the whole body with just one scan. vHP3 allows for scanning three different parameters and helical pitch setting within distinct anatomical areas, in a single breath, with one contrast injection, improving image quality and workflow while potentially reducing intravenous contrast and radiation dose.
  • Neuro FIRST MBIR improves high-contrast spatial resolution and low contrast detectability in the brain, which may help to improve visualization of early signs of stroke.
  • Fast Scans with Automated Table Positioning: SUREPosition accurately centers the patient within the gantry without clinicians having to physically adjust the patient or repeat a scanogram.>

The Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition offers dynamic volume CT imaging ideal for trauma and life-threatening conditions like heart disease and stroke, according to Toshiba. The system also features an optimized beam spectrum based on PUREViSION Optics, combined with PUREViSION Detector and FIRST (MBIR) reconstruction, offering superior image detail and resolution and up to 82.4 percent** dose reduction. Additionally, the system features SURESubtraction iodine mapping for routine exams, such as liver or oncology exams.

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Toshiba Medical offers enhancements to Aquillion™ ONE/GENESIS edition CT.  Appl Radiol. 

By Staff News Brief| December 27, 2017

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