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Alex and I are excited to announce the launch of a new community, in both the online and print versions of Applied Radiology, for radiologists and other clinical professionals devoted to the specialty of pediatric radiology.

We are extremely excited to host this new section, where we are planning to present the breadth and depth of this important specialty. It is said that it takes a community to bring up a child; we feel the same way about this newly born project. To help make it a true community, we welcome your feedback to help create a fun and interesting place to visit, online and in print, at Applied Radiology.

Indeed, our goals are to offer up a wide range of diagnostic and interventional material that not only challenges conventional thinking and teaches lessons to improve the analytic abilities of radiologists, but also presents pearls of wisdom and helps develop the technical skills of radiologists through such features as illustrated “How I Do It” presentations. We will also strive to present occasional reviews and opinion pieces or commentaries on topics affecting pediatric radiology and its practitioners.

Since the arts are a very important aspect of our family, we also intend to include a photo or other artistic material each week (true, this has nothing to do with pediatric radiology, but hey, we like it!), and we invite you all to contribute your own ideas and material for consideration. We will publish as many of your great ideas as possible.

Above all else, we want to have fun and make the material here practical and interesting for everyone. As we launch, we would like to extend a special thank you to Guerbet for sponsoring this new community and remaining committed to pediatric radiology.

We look forward to this endeavor with great enthusiasm and hope that you will continue to join us in the coming weeks and months.

About the two Towbins

Alex Towbin is a young pediatric radiologist who specializes in abdominal imaging. His main clinical interests include oncologic, hepatic and bowel imaging. In addition to his clinical expertise, Alex serves as the Neil D. Johnson Chair of Imaging Informatics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. When not at work, Alex enjoys traveling and taking long strolls in the city with his family and his camera.

Rich Towbin, meanwhile, is an old pediatric radiologist with a special interest in pediatric neuroradiology and interventional radiology. Rich has had a distinguished career, highlighted by multiple leadership roles, including serving as a past president of the Society of Pediatric Radiology, as treasurer of the Society of Interventional Radiology, and a founding member of both the Society for Pediatric Neuroradiology and the Society of Pediatric Interventional Radiology. Currently, Rich is the radiologist-in-chief at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. When not at work, Rich and usually be found on his bicycle, trying to avoid coyotes and road rash.

Together, the two Towbins represent one of the top father-son tandems in pediatric radiology. While many radiologists may be more skilled—as attendees of the 2014 Society of Pediatric Radiology Annual Banquet can certainly attest—precious few can stack dinnerware as high as the Towbins.

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Welcome to Applied Radiology’s Pediatric Radiology Community!.  Appl Radiol. 

About the Author

Richard Towbin, MD, and Alexander Towbin, MD

Richard Towbin, MD, and Alexander Towbin, MD

Richard Towbin, MD, is a Professor of Radiology and Radiologist-in-Chief at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix, AZ. Alexander Towbin is an Assistant Professor of Radiology at Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH.

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