Part II: Low-dose CT lung cancer screening – Reimbursement and the road ahead

Low-dose CT lung cancer screening programs have been implemented at many renowned institutions, including Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, 4  Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, 5  and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. 6 Read More

Part I: Low-dose CT lung cancer screening for earlier disease detection

Despite the fact that major organizations within the medical community endorse the practice of low-dose CT screening for earlier detection of lung cancer, this imaging practice remains far from prevalent.  Read More

Why should radiologists be mobile friendly?

Mobile-device medicine, ie, the use of mobile devices to deliver care, is a growing trend and the more forward-thinking radiologists are catching on. Read More

The three main challenges hospitals face in implementing hybrid ORs

As the trend toward minimally invasive procedures gains ground, interest in hybrid operating rooms (ORs) continues to build steam.  Read More

PACS-RIS: The benefits of trading in the “old car” for a new one

In some ways, deciding whether to upgrade parts of RIS/PACS systems or replace them entirely is much like fixing up an old luxury car vs. buying a new one.  Read More

A happy marriage: Integrated RIS-PACS

Can an integrated RIS/EMR deliver the flexibility and functionality radiologists need? Or is the best infrastructure still an integrated RIS/PACS? Read More

Intelligent technology adds ‘second brain’ to aid radiologists

Radiologists need a layer of intelligence to guide them in real-time to ensure the  reports  they’re creating are efficiently delivered to clinicians and that they contain actionable information to provide quality, cost-effective patient care. Read More

SIIM 2013 Top 10 Sessions

“Innovation is the ability to convert ideas into invoices.” In the spirit of SIIM 2013’s theme — “Translating today’s innovations into tomorrow’s clinical practice” — it will be critical for those attending SIIM to have an open mind and a burning desire to convert today’s challenges into actual opportunities. Read More


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