Blinded by buzzwords

Have you seen the latest cloud-enabled mobile interoperable standards-based web 2.0 solution that is a paradigm-shift in the delivery of next-generation zero-footprint vendor neutral product? If you have not, then just open up any glossy brochure, flashy uninformative vendor website, or visit any vendor-booth at an imaging conference near you.

With the maturity of the imaging industry, it seems that we’re being blinded by buzzwords. Buzzwords seem to be the great equalizer. In the race to one up the other, we’re being bombarded with menial distractions and what appear to be methodological marketing ploys. There seems to be a general numbness to how we tolerate and almost come to expect these often inaccurate, vague, salesy catch phrases being thrown at us.

As we head towards what promises to be an exciting SIIM Annual Meeting (June 7-10, Orlando, Florida), here’s to vendors that really showcase true use cases, actual and tangible results, and genuine out-of-the-box innovations that are not mere copy-cat band-aid solutions. 

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