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What do you all think of the push to the MOC and the new Boards? I have opinions. For sure. I’d like to hear a few thoughts from you all.

 Here’s my brief word – we were plainly going to have some changes, and the idea of lifetime certification is plainly dated, not all that smart at the outset when you think about it, and was destined to be ended. So, keeping current and maintaining your certificate seems reasonable.  However, the introduction of the system has been maddening. Is it just me, or have the rules changed, the disclaimers been completely crazy, and the average radiologist has been left out of the process? I have spoken to many members of the ABR, and I know the intent is good, and they are bowing to many external powers, notably the government, and also the American Board of Medical Specialties. I’m not sure anyone understands the entirety of the new system. I have spoken to a number of radiologists around the area, and all are confused. And, the potential for missteps and errors increase with the degree of confusion.

 The disclaimer is a particularly vexing problem. I actually read the entirety of the thing. Have you all done that? Disclaimers are often ignored by people - when I download software from Apple, there is a long disclaimer. Many, many pages. I don't read it. Sorry, that's just the way it is. This one is shorter, but has sections that are a question to me. I've been told that "You should ignore most of that,” and "Everyone does a broad disclaimer, they are rarely used," but I can't. This is my livelihood. This is a topic that I found incredibly important to me, and I read carefully the document. Yikes. Maybe I shouldn't have. 

 So, what do you all think?

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