Top 10 must see sessions at RSNA 2012

As people from every corner of the globe prepare to make the most of the largest medical meeting in the world, one cannot be blamed for being daunted with the superb array of sessions, courses and meetings that are lined up for the week. The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is gearing up for what will be another great annual conference this year, with the theme of “Patients First.” Whether you catch one or more of the superb plenary sessions at the magnificent Arie Crown Theater, or choose from a wide range of sessions and exhibits, you’re sure to find something to whet your appetite for intellectual stimulation. Here, we’ve lined up our list of Top 10 Must See Sessions for this year’s RSNA Conference.

Mock Jury Trial (CODE: SPMT11; Sunday 10:30AM-03:30PM; LOCATION: S406A)

Catch this if you can. The Mock Jury Trial promises to be entertaining and informative, offering a unique glimpse of how expert radiologist witnesses testify on direct examination by the attorney. Observe whether 12 laypersons can be convinced as to whether a radiologist is negligent for perceived communication lapses and alleged overexposure to radiation from CT.

Advanced Image Analysis, including Applications such as Automated Stent Planning and Multimodality Image Fusion and Treatment Planning (Hands-on Workshop) (CODE: RC253; Monday 08:30-10:00AM; LOCATION: S401CD)

Join Dr. Gary Wendt give you a superb hands on experience with 3D/4D advanced image analysis tools – pushing the needle to richer imaging experience both for diagnosticians and clinicians alike.

The RSNA Image Share Network - How it Operates and How to Put it into your Office (CODE: ICII24; Monday 04:30-06:00 PM; LOCATION: S501ABC)

Come to this session and learn the ins and outs of leveraging RSNA’s Image Share system, and key elements such as the IHE XDS-I standards from experts such as Dr David Mendelson and Dr Steve Langer.

What the Referring Physician Needs to Know (Sponsored by the RSNA Public Information Committee) (CODE: RC316; Tuesday, 08:30-10:00 AM; LOCATION: S403B)

Successful radiology groups have perfected the science and art of creating stickiness with their referring physician base. Come learn the best practices.   

Natural Language Processing: Extracting Information from Text Radiology Reports to Improve Quality (Informatics in Practice) (CODE: RC326; Tuesday, 08:30-10:00 AM; LOCATION: S403A)

Whether it’s automating quality improvement processes or extracting key information from radiology reports, the power of NLP is only just starting to be realized in medical informatics. Allow Dr Curtis Langlotz to show you what’s possible, with real world examples that are sure to wow you.

From Research to Reimbursement: The Story of CT Colonography and What It Teaches Us about Healthcare Payment Policy (In Conjunction with the American College of Radiology) (An Interactive Session) (CODE: RC327; Tuesday, 08:30-10:00 AM; LOCATION: S402AB)

Using CT colonography as an example, this session is set to unravel the mysteries of how reimbursement for new technology is obtained from CPT code development, valuation and coverage. Interactive techniques will be used to engage the audience in the consideration of strategic partnerships between industry, clinical research, governmental agencies and third party payors.

Decoding the Alphabet Soup (IHE®, MIRC®, RadLex®, Reporting): Whirlwind Tour of RSNA Informatics Projects (CODE: ICII33; Tuesday, 02:30-04:00 PM; LOCATION:S501ABC)

Join some of the who’s who in the radiology informatics industry help you unravel the inner workings and benefits of some of the most exhilarating RSNA-sponsored informatics projects. Radiology groups should take immediate advantage of these efforts to improve their clinical practice.

The Use of Business Analytics for Improving Radiology Operations, Quality, and Clinical Performance (Informatics in Practice) (CODE: RC426; Tuesday, 04:30-06:00 PM, LOCATION:S403B)

How a practice manages information is becoming a differentiator in the competitive radiology market.  Stay one step ahead of the other guys with Dr Katherine Andriole as she details the capabilities of current and potential future business analytics technologies.

The Future of Radiology: What Are the Threats and How to Respond to Them (CODE: RC527; Wednesday, 08:30-10:00 AM; LOCATION:N227)

Know thy enemy. Understand the threats facing the radiology community and individual radiology practices, and attain the skills to overcome them.

Dose Image Gallery: Resetting Your Interpretation Comfort at Lower Radiation Doses (An Interactive Session) (CODE: RC124; Sunday, 02:00-03:30 PM; LOCATION:E450B)

In what continues to be a hot topic, the faculty in this session  will with the help of actual multi-dose images, discuss effects of radiation dose on image quality parameters such as noise, contrast, sharpness, and artifacts. This refresher course is supported by the RSNA Education Grant 2010-12 to develop program for training radiologists in radiation dose reduction with help of images acquired at multiple different dose levels.

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