Voice recognition: Onwards and upwards

Radiologists struggled and had fun with voice recognition long before Siri was born. While it’s great that voice recognition seems to be in the mainstream now with it making its way to your car and smart phone, in addition to the call centers and help-desks, radiology vendors are starting to leverage the technology to really catapult the radiology workflow to the next level. The reality of clinical documentation today is that documentation and radiology reporting is more than just about decreased report turnaround time and transcription cost savings. Voice recognition technology, used the right way, has the potential to really streamline the radiology workflow and make the readflow process more intelligent, meaningful, and accurate. The goal in many instances is to create a cohesive radiology workflow that is more meaningful.

What do you think are the breakout innovations, challenges and opportunities in this area? Clearly, intelligent use of technologies, such as natural language processing, offer a number of opportunities. But many times, the struggles are fairly basic – from integration issues to basic user experience failures.

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