Device Supports Prone Positioning During Interventions

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Adept Medical has launched its Prone Support solution, a device to comfortably support and manage a patient in the prone position during C-arm image-guided procedures. The device is designed to support a patient in the prone position for multiple procedure types and is stably held for the duration of a procedure by the patient’s weight.

“Optimal patient positioning is one of the key steps for a successful procedure. The Adept Medical Prone Support allows for a posterior approach for imaging-based diagnostic and guided interventional procedures. We worked closely with local interventional radiologists and other medical professionals to develop a product that allows for a consistent and comfortable patient experience. A driving goal was to produce a solution that maintains the balance of simplicity and complexity when providing functional adjustability that could accommodate a wide range of patients. We believe the Adept Medical Prone Support will be very well-received and become the state-of-the-art device for prone patient positioning,” said James Kember, lead product design engineer, Adept.

The arm supporting surface is cantilevered out from the imaging table, accommodating a variety of patient sizes and mobility ranges comfortably. The elevated cushioned face support provides additional comfort with clearance through the centre to reduce any anxiety experienced from being contained and providing space for nasal oxygen prongs.

The head-supporting assembly can also be removed completely to suit specific patient or case needs, according to Adept. The Prone Support can be simply placed underneath the mattress using the baseboard design, allowing for efficient set-up and removal on most C-arm imaging tables.

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Device Supports Prone Positioning During Interventions .  Appl Radiol. 

By News Release| May 25, 2022

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